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Samsung Digital Academy

Free training at the Samsung Digital Academy for Teachers at Harborne Academy

The new Samsung Digital Academy for Teachers within Harborne Academy forms part of Samsung’s wider commitment to help close the digital literacy and skills gap in the UK. In addition to offering training in technology to young people through Samsung’s Digital Academies, it is also providing access to the latest technology in schools through its Digital Classroom initiative, charities/non-profit organisations and cultural partners, particularly working with children and young people. These initiatives will inspire young people, staff and teachers to learn and teach in new exciting ways and to help encourage young people into careers using technology.

This is an exciting training opportunity funded by Samsung that will support the schools of Birmingham and the surrounding area to create a 21st century environment where teaching and learning is innovative, interactive and inspiring.

We have collaborated with Samsung to design a structured training programme that will train teachers in using new technologies to create a more stimulating and engaging learning experience and how to create the next generation of programmers by delivering the new Computing curriculum. This will be delivered in our very own Samsung Digital Academy for Teachers at Harborne Academy, but our e-Learning Specialist can also deliver training within schools by prior arrangement.

The short courses we can deliver are outlined below and there are links at the end of each description to an online booking form. Any primary and secondary teachers are welcome to book on as many courses as they wish. These are all completely free.

Teaching in a Digital World covers the effective use of technology in the classroom and introduces some key educational web tools and apps. It explores how to prepare innovative and exciting lessons for our ‘digital native’, how to incorporate ‘flipped’ classroom methods and collaborate with a wider community online.

The Connected Classroom is a guide to interactivity and collaboration in the classroom, the use of tablets in a classroom setting and trains participants to use Google apps and Samsung School to manage the learning process. This course will also consider the creation of the ‘flipped’ classroom and methods of sharing content with a wider digital community.

Teaching Computing at Key Stage 2 explores the changes to the Computing curriculum and what this means to primary schools. It will look at how programming, app development and robotics can be integrated into Key Stage 2 and gives examples of computer projects that meet curriculum targets.

Teaching Computing at Key Stage 3 will also look at the curriculum changes and how they impact on secondary schools, as well as exploring the potential of Raspberry Pi in teaching computing at this level and also greater consideration of app development. This module will also explore the careers that these skills prepare our learners for and how to use this as a powerful motivator in the classroom and beyond.

Alongside this, we are also inviting local schools to bring a class of their choosing to a Computer Science Superstars workshop at the Samsung Digital Academy that will be educational, relevant, engaging and fun. If you are from a school and would like to bring a class to Harborne Academy for this workshop.

If you have any questions about this Samsung training initiative, please contact Rob Whitehouse at the Samsung Digital Academy for Teachers at Harborne Academy at