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Joining the Academy

Harborne Academy is an educational community that is calm, safe, welcoming, inclusive and in which diversity is celebrated. Students and staff at the academy strive together for excellence, always looking to improve on their personal bests. We place students at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that all become effective learners, responsible for their own development and learning and for the learning and development of others. Teaching at the Academy is progressive, inspirational and dynamic, encouraging creativity, innovation and problem solving, preparing our learners academically, and for future social and economic demands.

Fostering a successful partnership between home and school helps learners to achieve their best. As parents or guardians we look forward to an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship with you in the coming years as we work closely together in pursuit of this goal.

At Harborne, we have an exceptionally well-qualified, talented, experienced and enthusiastic team of staff. Together with our students, we are caring, perceptive and look after each other, particularly students starting at a new school. We have the highest expectations of all, and we trust that the years your children spend at Harborne Academy will be happy, successful and memorable, and that they will leave us confident of making a difference in this world.  

Our Vision:

To create an environment in which every student achieves their full academic potential, by developing students to have confidence, self-esteem and ambition to live a happy and successful life.

Our Mission:

To raise expectations and standards in an inspirational environment which delivers excellence for all our students. 

Jessie Elbaz, Head Teacher of Harborne Academy.

Chris Hilton

Applying to Harborne Academy:

Harborne Academy has an agreed admission number of 600 pupils. The admissions procedure is administered by Birmingham Local Authority.

Parents or guardians who are interested in applying for a Year 7 place at the Academy should contact Birmingham Education Authority on 0121 303 3159. More information is available on the Birmingham City Council website where you can also apply online. To apply for place in any other year group please contact the Academy directly and speak to our admissions manager.

The Academy has a non-selective admissions policy. We are happy to take all children into our nurturing environment to allow them to develop their own unique skills and abilities.

If a year group is oversubscribed your child will be placed on a waiting list. Positions on the waiting list are determined by the following criteria:

  • Looked after child/child in care
  • Sibling at the Academy
  • Proximity of home address to the Academy (by miles)

Parents and prospective learners are welcome to visit the Academy, either on our published open days or at any other time by prior appointment.


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