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Welcome to Harborne Academy's E-Safety Page, this page will give you some useful links and knowledge about E-Safety

Harborne Academy takes e-safety extremely seriously and students are made aware of the steps we take to ensure their safety when working on-line in school as well as working with the police to investigate the rare instances where young people endanger the safety and wellbeing of others through misuse of electronic communication. Further details are available in our e-safety policies. We know that E-Safety is a concern of many parents and there are a lot of useful resources and information available about keeping your children safe when they use the internet, mobile phones, or other devices connected to the Internet. Parents can download some tips from the links that are provided below on how to monitor your child's use of the internet. Further guidance, information and advice can be found on CEOP's web site.

Links, Guides and Policies:


To Report Any Abuse or email:Child Protection Officer



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