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Starting from September 2016, staff will be using our new VLE, Firefly, to set all homework. This does not mean all homework will be completed online, but that it will be logged as a task for each student. This means that everyone can clearly see what homework has been set - the student, the parent and all staff. Furthermore, the Firefly learning platform allows for marks and feedback to be accessible at all times, so both parent and child can see achievement and progress. It can also be accessed anywhere, on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that has an internet connection.


To access our VLE, go to Firefly. There is also a direct link from our school website by selecting ‘VLE’ from the homepage.

At the Login page, select Office 365 on the right.

This takes you to a Microsoft Office login page. You will need to enter your child’s school email address and password to access Firefly, which your child will know. The email address uses their student ID, so student 1234 would have an email address of The password is changed every 60 days, so please ask your child for their most current password.


If you have difficulty doing this, or your child is unwilling to share this information with you, please contact the school for assistance.

Your child's homework tasks can be found in the Your Tasks section, which is on the Homepage.


We hope you find this facility useful during your child’s time at Harborne Academy.

For a quick video tutorial go to YouTube