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Celebrating Success

Students are rewarded for achievement or for outstanding effort with regard to their work by being awarded points. All points are added together over the academic year and students receive a range of awards including:

  • Reward gifts
  • Reward trips
  • Subject award assemblies- with the issuing of certificates for personal records
  • Attendance award assemblies – with the issuing of certificates for personal records

The Birmingham Metropolitan College Trophy is awarded to the student obtaining the most achievement points over the academic year.

STAR Awards

We also hold a STAR Awards ceremony each year. The STAR Awards acknowledge excellent achievement and students from Year 7 to Year 11 are nominated by their teachers. Parents and students are invited to attend the ceremony at the school.

Parent Survey

Our motto ‘exceptional provision for exceptional learners’ is at the heart of what we do daily. Your voice as parents/carers is essential in building this. Please complete the pertinent questionnaire.

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