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Gifted and Talented

As part of our commitment to nurture the talent of each of our students, we recognise some students are outstandingly talented in one particular area or more generally across the wider curriculum. 

All gifted and talented students are identified early on in their school career and placed on a supported programme. In addition each subject area holds its own gifted and talented list, which helps ensure learners are stretched and challenged in all lessons as appropriate.

The Academy will identify students who are gifted and talented and make sure they are stretched and challenged by: 

  • Developing an ethos where high attainment and achievement is celebrated 
  • Providing a wide range of extension and enrichment opportunities 
  • Providing a range of ‘fast track’ or ‘early entry’ routes through KS3 and KS4, which supports ‘stage not age’ examination 
  • Participating in the Birmingham Networks Gifted and Talented Scheme and the Youth Sports Trust to support students talented in this area

Students also participate in the University of Birmingham’s Forward Thinking Programme and the Civic Society Next Generation Awards.


Parent Survey

Our motto ‘exceptional provision for exceptional learners’ is at the heart of what we do daily. Your voice as parents/carers is essential in building this. Please complete the pertinent questionnaire.

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