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Pastoral Care

We place great emphasis on the pastoral system, promoting a caring, co-operative and supportive ethos. We believe that every student will achieve greater success if they feel happy and secure during their time at school and we are committed to supporting them to develop the skills to make them effective learners. Students are allocated to form groups in the care of a Learning Tutor. The Learning Tutor provides continuity, familiarity and care during the student’s seven years at the Academy. 

Harborne Academy understands the importance of forging a working relationship with parents in order to promote learners’ academic and social development. It fosters this partnership through a termly meeting, regular e-communication and newsletters.

Every student will be treated as an individual at Harborne Academy. Each learner will benefit from personalised learning and individualised support to ensure everyone achieves to their potential. The Academy will support students to become independent learners by providing:

  • Support and mentoring
  • Robust monitoring and progress tracking
  • A flexible environment where students will not be limited in what they learn by their age 
  • Opportunities for students to take part in activities outside of school hours
  • Opportunities for students to take part in master classes and other activities

The Academy will identify students who are gifted and talented and make sure they are stretched and challenged by:

  • Developing an ethos where high attainment and achievement is celebrated
  • Providing a wide range of extension and enrichment opportunities 
  • Providing a range of ‘fast track’ or ‘early entry’ routes through KS3 and KS4, which supports ‘stage not age’ examination
  • Participating in the Birmingham Networks Gifted and Talented Scheme and the Youth Sports Trust to support students talented in this area


Parent Survey

Our motto ‘exceptional provision for exceptional learners’ is at the heart of what we do daily. Your voice as parents/carers is essential in building this. Please complete the pertinent questionnaire.

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