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The Science and Health specialism has been chosen as the focus for the Academy, providing opportunities for developing the post-16 curriculum through linking with Birmingham Metropolitan College’s provision including podiatry, pharmaceutical, dental technology, dental nursing, health science and health and social care. 

The sponsor continues to strengthen links for the Academy with the Health Authority, local hospitals and local and regional higher education establishments which supports the development of the curriculum at KS4 and KS5. 

Information, advice and guidance (IAG) in the Academy focuses, where appropriate, on opening up and identifying qualifications and career pathways in the field of Care. Both specialisms form part of every student’s transition experience from primary school. Taster sessions are held in primary schools and the Academy enrichment programme focuses on Health. 

Science is a core subject within the National Curriculum and through innovative delivery has a positive impact on the development of core knowledge and skills for learning during KS3. 

All learning across the curriculum is based on the key principles derived from scientific modes of investigation – such as evidence- based enquiry, formulating and testing hypotheses, rational reasoning and active, independent and experiential modes of learning. 

The Academy offers the opportunity for students to study single sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as double awards in GCSE and vocational qualifications in Science.

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