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Governance at Harborne Academy 2023-24

Harborne Academy Trust

Harborne academy is a registered company limited by guarantee (Company Number 07310176).  It is also a registered charity.

The Members of the Academy Trust shall comprise:

(a) The Principal Sponsor;
(b) Up to three persons appointed by the Principal Sponsor;
(c) One person appointed by the Secretary of State, in the event that the Secretary of State appoints a person for this purpose;
(d) The Chair of Trustees; and any person appointed under Article 16.

The members may agree unanimously in writing to appoint such additional Members as they think fit and may unanimously (save that the agreement of the Member(s) to be removed shall not be required) in writing agree to remove any such additional members.

The Articles of Association are in the process of being revised for 2023/24.

Contact: For any queries relating to Governance, please contact:

Clare Baskott – Governance Professional Email:

Full Trust Board (FTB) and committee structure

The FTB (also known as the Board of Directors) is made up of the following:

  • Up to 7 Sponsor Trustees
  • 1 Staff Trustee
  • 1 Parent Trustee
  • Head Teacher (ex-officio)
  • Up to 3 Co-opted Trustees
  • 2 LA Trustees

Full Governing Board membership:

  • Louise Banks -– Co-opted Trustee
  • Deborah Cole – Co-opted Trustee
  • Nakai Dziya – Parent Trustee
  • Veronica Docherty – Sponsor Trustee
  • Tim Graylen – Co-opted Trustee
  • Laura Harris – Staff Trustee
  • Zoe Lee – Sponsor Trustee
  • Rosina Morris – Sponsor Trustee – Vice Chair of Trustee
  • Sarah Ross – Headteacher
  • Oliver Stokes – Sponsor Trustee
  • Susan Woodward – Sponsor Trustee – Chair of Trustees
  • Fiona Yardley – Sponsor Trustee

The Trust Board meets at least three times each academic year.  In addition, there are two committees; the Finance, Resources, Premises, Audit & Risk Committee and the Quality of Education Committee who meet on a termly basis.  Broader issues are discussed and agreed at the two Committees and both report to the Full Trust Board.  Membership of the committees is broad and based around Governors’ skills mix.

Finance, Resources, Premises, Audit & Risk Committee (FRPAR)

The Finance & Resources, Premises, Audit & Risk Committee (FRPAR) is responsible for the sound management of the academy’s finances including planning, probity and monitoring.  It also oversees the management of the budget as well as monitoring staffing, estates and Health & Safety.  The Committee oversees the process for providing assurances to the FTB that risks are being adequately identified and managed.  It is responsible for reviewing the risks to internal financial control and agreeing a programme of work that addresses these risks and, so far as is possible, provides assurance to the External Auditor.  

Finance & Resources, Premises, Audit & Risk Committee membership:

  • Louise Banks (Chair)
  • Deborah Cole
  • Rosina Morris
  • Fiona Yardley
  • Sarah Ross (in attendance)

The Quality of Education Committee

The Quality of Education Committee is responsible for reviewing the curriculum and ensuring that the both the academic and wider curriculum offer reflects the school values.  The Committee monitor and evaluate students’ performance and takes into consideration recommendations relating to teaching and learning from external reviews of the school and ensures an appropriate plan is in place to act on any recommendations.

Quality of Education Committee membership:

  • Veronica Docherty (Chair)
  • Rosina Morris
  • Sarah Ross
  • Oliver Stokes
  • Susan Woodward 

Governance Committee membership (time limited committee for 2023/24):

  • Rosina Morris
  • Susan Woodward

Additional Trustee Involvement

Keeping in touch sessions for governors (KITs)
Throughout the year, there is a planned calendar of “Keeping in Touch” sessions (KITs) for Trustees whereby they are provided with a briefing or update on a particular topic that is either of national or local relevance or specific to the academy. 

Link Trustee Scheme
Trustees are linked with specific areas within the academy to enable them to see the academy in action and to enable staff to get to know the Trustees.

Link Trustee Areas 
Outside of meetings, Trustees are heavily involved in academy life.  They attend a wide range of events including awards ceremonies, student productions and parents’ evenings. 

Designated Trustees


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@@HarborneAcademy11:36 AM - 16th May, 2024 This week’s assemblies have been looking at moving to keep mentally well. Music and dancing are a powerful tool to do this😀#Movingitformentalhealth
@@HarborneAcademy08:01 AM - 16th May, 2024 Well done to everyone that took part in the UK Junior maths challenge.Year 7 &8 students achieved 5 Gold, 7 Silver and 20 Bronze certificates!Congratulations to Ahmed and Felix who have been invited to take part in the Junior Kangaroo competition. This is a huge achievement!
@@HarborneAcademy08:00 AM - 15th May, 2024 This years Mental Health Week theme is Move it for Mental Health. We had a fabulous Zumba session with our parents! Thank you Debra for an amazing session!
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@@HarborneAcademy03:44 PM - 13th May, 2024 Well done to this weeks top scorers!
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