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GCSE Revision

We are launching our Year 11 Revision Challenge!

Each subject has provided a range of tasks for our students to complete weekly. We have broken it down into eight weeks to keep focussed prior to their final round of mock exams that start on February 19th. The challenge is to attempt as many tasks as possible in their subjects to improve their knowledge and skills.

This is not an exhaustive list and is not intended to be the only revision each student does – it is a tool for the times when they don’t know where or how to start! It should be used in conjunction with their class notes, work on Microsoft Teams, revision guides, past papers, and their teachers’ advice. Students who need more guidance should speak to their teachers for personal support.

Please see the bottom of this page for a timetable detailing lunchtime and after-school intervention for GCSE revision starting in the Spring term.

Art & Design Biology
Business Studies GCSE Chemistry
Combined Science Design Technology
Drama English Language
English Literature Food Technology
French Geography
History Maths
Physics Religious Education
3D Design


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Y11 After School Revision Spring Term 18th Jan 2024 Download
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