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Behaviour Expectations



Students will be rewarded for positive behaviour in lessons and around the Academy.  Harborne Academy believes that rewards have a motivational role, helping every pupil to see that good behaviour is valued. The most common reward is praise, informal and formal, public and private, to individuals and groups. It is earned by the maintenance of good standards as well as by particularly noteworthy achievements. Pupils will receive recognition for making positive contributions to Harborne Academy and will not be limited to those whose work is outstanding but will also include supportive behaviour towards others, consistently high level of effort, exceptional contribution to the wider community and outstanding attendance and punctuality. Throughout the year there will be rewards assemblies to celebrate ongoing successes.  At the end of the academic year there will be a celebration for the most successful pupils where awards will be presented to pupils for highest levels of achievement, effort and attendance linked to the rewards system. For full details please see our Culture for Learning Policy.

Student code of conduct

The community of Harborne Academy will ensure that everyone has the right to work in a safe and pleasant environment.  There is an expectation that ALL students will follow The Code of Conduct and:

  • Treat others as you would wish others to treat you – respect adults and young people alike
  • Be truthful at all times
  • Be polite to all adults and visitors to the Academy and in the community
  • Dress smartly in the correct uniform
  • Look after the environment in school and in the community
  • Do not bring phones, recording devices or electronic equipment into the Academy (mobile phones must not be seen on site)

This means that in the school community, ALL learners will:

During lessons and formal learning time:

  • Be fully equipped to learn
  • Listen and follow instructions provided by adults responsible for their learning
  • Focus on the set task and work to the best of their ability
  • Ask for help when needed.
  • Enter the hall in silence during assembly times

Whilst in the dining areas:

  • Line up sensibly as directed
  • Co-operate and say thank you to staff in the dining area
  • Eat food quietly and with good table manners
  • Clear food, plates and rubbish away

Whilst outside of lessons and during social time:

  • Move around the building and in open spaces in a calm, caring and safe manner
  • Refrain from bullying, teasing, swearing or name calling
  • No play fighting, inappropriate or threatening behaviour
  • Include all others who wish to participate

Whilst out in the community and to and from the Academy:

  • Remember that they are ambassadors for the school
  • Queue and behave sensibly and quiet on public transport
  • Be respectful of the local community

Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile phones should not be visible in the Academy.

Students bringing phones will do so at their own risk, and will be required to follow strict instructions regarding their phones. Mobiles are not to be seen on the Academy site at any time. This includes outside, in the canteen and social bases. Students who do not follow this rule will have their phone confiscated and be issued with a 30 minute detention. If it happens a second time the phone will only be returned to the parent/carer of the student involved.

Other Banned Items

In order to keep the Academy community safe the following items are banned:

  • Any weapon or anything that could be used as a weapon
  • Compasses (these will be issued by staff in lessons where they are required)
  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes or vapes
  • Bandannas
  • Pouches/ Small over the body bags
  • Metal Combs
  • Fizzy and Sports drinks
  • Excessive amounts of junk food
  • Chewing gum

These items will be confiscated from students and returned to parents or disposed of.


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