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Tutor Time

Tutor Time

All students in the Academy have tutor time between 8.35am and 9.00am. There is a rolling carousel of activities that include form time reading, the Harborne Academy Big Read*, PSHE and a year group assembly. Our assemblies each week centre around a ‘Big Question’ allowing students to learn and reflect on big issues and current affairs.

Examples of ‘Big Questions’ that will form the basis of our weekly themes include:

  • What’s the point in learning another language?
  • Who are Birmingham’s black heroes?
  • How do you win friends & influence people?
  • Is modern art rubbish?
  • Should we aim to conquer all fear?

An example of a tutor time schedule is outlined below:


The Big Read

On alternating weeks, all staff and students take part in shared reading for pleasure.  We see enabling everyone in Harborne Academy’s community to share in the pleasure of reading as an integral part of our vibrant reading culture. This year, we are reading Philip Pullman’s ‘Grimm Tales’; a twist on the author’s 50 favourite famous fairy tales, suitable for all ages.

“I like Grimm Tales because it is like stories I’ve read before, but the characters have TutorPageCon2been switched around. We finish the stories quickly and we like them”

Rehan, Year 8

“I like the book a lot because they are short stories which are fun.”

Ruxandra, Year 8


On the other week, students read the ‘Around the World’ current affairs section, along with one other selected article from The Week Junior:

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