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Head Boy and Head Girl Welcome

Hi. I’m Benito and I’m the Head Boy at Harborne Academy. Over the last few years, the Academy has aided my learning in the best ways possible. There is great support from all staff who all make sure they are available, should a student need to talk or ask for advice. This, along with the fact that the teaching is the best of the best, allows for every child to follow their dreams, to Aspire, Believe and Achieve. Overall, as a community, the students work very well together, and get to enjoy a range of enrichment clubs, during lunch times and after school. This enthusiastic environment helps deliver the students the best grades to follow their dreams.


Hello, my name is Julia and I am the Head Girl of Harborne Academy. I would like say a couple of warming words for our school website.

My role as Head Girl is to be a role-model, encouraging other students to behave in the correct way. I also look after all of the prefects and check if their duties are done. To have this huge role I need to be a strong leader and have strong communication skills.

I have been at Harborne Academy for four years and believe me, it’s been the most amazing and fun four years ever. My school is, in my opinion, outstanding and very unique. The Academy is full of well-mannered, punctual and intelligent students. The staff are friendly, supportive and compassionate. My school isn’t just a school it’s a place where me, the students and teachers unite and work together to get our grades. Everything is kept ‘in order’ at this school. I really love my school and I`m glad to come to Harborne Academy.  

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