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At Harborne Academy, we believe that the study of a foreign language not only provides our pupils with useful skills which are fast becoming essential in a modern and highly competitive world, but it also gives them a liberating and life-enhancing experience, which adds breadth to their cultural, social and linguistic knowledge and skills.

At Harborne Academy French is taught from Year 7 up to GCSE .

In Y7 and Y8 French is taught through a bespoke skills focused course linked to Allez  1 and Allez 2.

 Year 7 Discovery:                                           

  • Welcome to France
  • Greetings
  • School
  • All about me 

Y8 Foundation:

  • All around me – my town and area
  • Sport, leisure and food
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment and advertising
  • Technology
  • Festival and special events



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