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KS3 History

In KS3 students will be introduced to History in a secondary environment. Here they will learn about British History from 1066-1900 covering topics such as the medieval times, Black Death, Tudors and Stuarts, Industrial Revolution, Black History and the World Wars. The History department aims to bring about a life-long interest and enjoyment of history and an awareness of how History has crafted the society we live in today.

KS4 History

History is optional at Key stage 4. The following is key information regarding the course.

Exam board:

AQA – Syllabus & Past papers  on the AQA Website

Exam Information:

There are 2 papers:

1.       Understanding the modern world (50% of GCSE)

2.       Shaping the nation (50% of GCSE)

Chosen options at Harborne Academy:

Paper 1

Paper 2

Period Study

Wider world depth study

Thematic study

British depth study

Germany 1890 – 1945: Democracy and dictatorship

Conflict and tension: 1918 - 1939

Health and the people: c1000 to the present day

Norman England: c1066 – c1100

Careers information:

Employers value the research, analytical, teamwork and communication skills that history students develop throughout their degree. Those who study history should be practised in applying lessons of the past to help resolve problems of the present, and have the ability to apply an analytical mind set to all kinds of situations and challenges. These problem-solving and analytical skills are relevant in just about any industry which has a focus on current societies and future developments, particularly in the fields of business, politics and academia.

Useful websites and books:

·         GCSE Pod, Bitesize KS4 History, S-cool the revision website,

·         My revision notes.   AQA GCSE (9-1) History ISBN: 9781510455610

·         Germany 1890-1945: Democracy and dictatorship Revision Guide and Workbook ISBN: 9781292204765

·         Conflict and tension, 1918-1939 Revision Guide and Workbook ISBN: 9781292204772

·         Health and the people: c1000 to the present day Revision Guide and Workbook ISBN: 9781292204789

·         Norman England, c1066-c1100 Guide and Workbook ISBN: 9781292204796

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