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Tutor Time

Tutor Time

All students in the Academy have tutor time between 8.35am and 9.00am. There is a rolling carousel of activities that include extra literacy and numeracy, PSHE and a year group assembly. Our assemblies each week centre around a ‘Big Question’ allowing students to learn and reflect on big issues and current affairs.

Examples of ‘Big Questions’ that will form the basis of our weekly themes include:

  • What’s the point in learning another language?
  • Who are Birmingham’s black heroes?
  • How do you win friends & influence people?
  • Is modern art rubbish?
  • Should we aim to conquer all fear?

An example of a tutor time schedule is outlined below:





Admin/last week in the news

Planners are signed by tutors. Weekly tutor-time announcements are delivered & the week’s ‘Big Question’ introduced. Students watch a round-up of the previous week’s news & discuss to broaden their knowledge of current affairs & promote debate.



Students complete workbooks designed to improve their numeracy skills.


Tutor time reading

Form tutors & students read aloud together from a prepared text that relates to the week’s ‘Big Question’ or a celebration, holiday or festival taking place during this week.



Students are delivered a range of material to improve their understanding of personal, social & health issues. Discussions will be held around a range of spiritual, moral & cultural topics, as well as fundamental British values. This too, will tie in with the ‘Big Question’.



Students will come together for collective reflection & celebration. The main theme of the assembly will relate to the ‘Big Question’.


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