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Harborne Academy Trust – Governance

Harborne Academy is a registered company limited by guarantee (Company Number 07310176).  It is also a registered charity.

The Company’s members are:

  • Birmingham Metropolitan College Corporation (the Academy’s sole sponsor)
  • Principal and CEO of the Sponsor (currently Clifford Hall)
  • Chairman of the Full Governing Body (currently Anthony Dennant)

Full Governing Body (FGB) and Committee Structure

The FGB (also known as the Board of Directors) is made up of the following:

  • Up to 8 sponsor appointed governors
  • Up to 3 externally appointed governors
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 1 Parent Governor
  • Head Teacher (ex-officio)

It meets at least three times each academic year.  In addition, there are two committees – the Finance & Resources Committee and the Audit Committee which meet on a termly basis.  Broader issues are discussed and agreed at the two committees and both committees report to the Full Governing Body.  Membership of the Committees is broad and based around governors’ skills mix.

Finance & Resources Committee

The Finance & Resources Committee is responsible for the sound management of the Academy’s finances including planning, probity and monitoring.  It oversees the management of the budget as well as monitoring staffing. 

Finance and Resources Committee Membership:

  • Anthony Dennant (FGB Chairman and Chairman of the Finance and Resources Committee)
  • Jessie Elbaz (Head Teacher – Ex-Officio Role)
  • Jeanette Prole (Sponsor Governor)
  • Nafisa Sajid (Parent Governor)
  • Zakia Shah (Sponsor Governor)

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the process for providing assurances to the FGB that risks are being adequately identified and managed.  It is responsible for reviewing the risks to internal financial control and agreeing a programme of work that addresses these risks and, so far as is possible, provides assurance to the External Auditor.  

Audit Committee Membership:

  • Sue Woodward (FGB Deputy Chair and Chair of Audit Committee)
  • Hafeez Din (Staff Governor)
  • Tim Graylen (External Governor)
  • Rosina Morris (Sponsor Governor)

Calendar of Full Governing Body and Committee Meetings

Please click here to view the current calendar of meetings.  For information on the protocol for attending governors’ meetings, please contact the Company Secretary:

Catherine Bennett


Tel: 0121 464 2737 Ex: 1012

Additional Governor Involvement

  • Keeping In Touch Sessions for Governors (KITs)

Throughout the year, there is a planned calendar of “Keeping in Touch” sessions (KITs) for governors whereby they are provided with a briefing or update on a particular topic that is either of national relevance or specific to the Academy. 

Link Governor Scheme

Governors are linked with specific areas within the Academy as set out below:

  • Anthony Dennant - Leadership and Management, Sixth Form and Business Support
  • Tim Graylen - Parent Engagement
  • Rosina Morris - SEND 
  • Jeanette Prole - Teaching and Learning
  • Nafisa Sajid - Parent Engagement
  • Zakia Shah - Student Outcomes
  • Sue Woodward - Safeguarding Link and Behaviour

Outside of governors meetings, governors are heavily involved in academy life.  They attend a wide range of events including awards ceremonies, student productions and parents’ evenings.

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