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Assessment and Reporting

Assessment & Reporting

Reports will be issued for Key Stage 3 students once per term (3 times per year) & Key Stage 4 students once per half term (6 times per year).

The following measures will be reported:


The minimum target grade for the student by the end of this academic year.


Forecast grade

The grade that the teacher is predicting that the student will reach at the end of the academic year based on teacher assessment.


Working at grade

The grade that the student is working at now.


Attitude to learning

A measure of a student’s effort & behaviour in class & with homework.

GCSEs are now awarded grades from 1 – 9, with 9 being the highest grade. We report attainment on this scale throughout a student’s time at the Academy. The table (right) shows how this new grading system compares to the old system.


If the Academy has been provided with Key Stage 2 data for a student, grades will also be colour coded. A key to the colour codes is given below:


Attitude to Learning (ATL) Grades

Attitude to learning is reported as a grade from A – E. A key to the meaning of these codes is given below:

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