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KS3 Art

Year 7

At year 7 all students receive 1 hour of Art per week. They are tested to assess their drawing ability and this can take a number of lessons whilst the pupils experiment and create with a range of techniques.

After the initial testing the students will be placed in a seating plan which encourages all students to make progress through differentiated lesson delivery. Once the testing has been completed we move onto studying Colour Theory where students learn about colour blending using various materials. In January we progress to Pop Art Food where we begin by looking at artists who have used the pop art movement to depict food as a form of art. This theme is explored through research, drawing, development of ideas and moving onto painting.

Year 8

At year 8 all students receive 1 hour of Art per week. This year we build on what students have learnt in year 7 and particular emphasis is put on drawing skills. The theme that we study is Still Life and again students will be tested before being placed in an ability based seating plan. They will begin by researching Still Life artists throughout history and see how still life art as a theme has been addressed by different movements.  Students are encouraged to draw from observation and a range of techniques and use of materials are taught so that all students have the opportunity to make progress. In year 8 students will be choosing their options where they have the opportunity to study GCSE Art and/or Photography in year 9

KS4 Art

Art and Design

Qualification & Level
GCSE –9-1
60% coursework         40% exam


Students who opt for GCSE Art & Design build on the knowledge, skills and understanding established in KS3. The course is designed to encourage students to develop skills, creativity, imagination and independence. Students will experience a wide range of approaches in the use of materials, processes and techniques, responding to guidelines and potential outcomes.

This course is popular among students who are keen to study a practical subject and explore individual creative ideas and style. Pupils are given a sketchbook at the beginning of the course which is expected to document and contain designs, research and ideas which are done in class and for homework. This will be handed in at the end of the course.

Component 1 requires the pupil to produce work based on a theme, starting point or brief set by the school. (60%)

Component 2 is the set task from the exam board which requires pupils to choose a starting point from a list and prepare work over a number of weeks, resulting in a final idea which will be done within 10 hours set exam time. (40%)Pupils can produce work within a number of areas, and develop skills in different media and techniques, allowing them to create work which suits their ability and preference.

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