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Parents Forum

Dear  Parents,

Parent Forum met on Thursday 4th July 2015.  It was attended by a range of parents and families across all year groups including our VIth Form.  Members of the Senior Leadership team discussed a range of topics with parents and families.  From the meeting it was agreed that the initial focus would be on.

  • Improved communication
  • Homework feedback
  • Parent Questionnaire

    We will be contacting parents and families again shortly in light of some of the suggestions made from our first meeting.  The parent questionnaire will be extended to parents and families of year 7 & 8 during our upcoming Parent Partnership Evenings.  The findings of which will be shared at our next Parent Forum.

    The Parent Forum will continue to grow in our new academic year and we encourage all families to take part and express interest in joining.

    For any further information please contact Mr Fortune through school enquiries.


     Why get involved?

  •   To give your opinion and be involved in the decisions that are made in school
  •   To socialise with other parents and contribute to the wider school community

    Things you may be interested in setting up or taking part in…

  • Organising social/charity events
  • Consultation
  • Education opportunities for adults
  • Lettings within the Academy
  • Other – any ideas?   

    Yours faithfully,                                                         

    Mr M.  Fortune                                                           

    Assistant Head Teacher / Deputy DSL                                                  

    Email: Matthew Fortune     


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