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As you will be aware, guidance regarding Covid-19 and schools is constantly changing and under review. To try and keep you fully informed of everything the Academy is doing to keep students and staff, safe and learning we will endeavour to keep this page updated with everything you need to know during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We appreciate how confusing this can be so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or questions. You can email us on or call 0121 464 2737, between 8.30am and 3.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Current Government guidance states that only Year 10s will be returning to school for a face to face less lessons. These will commence from Monday 15th June. We can only accommodate ¼ of our pupils. Information regarding the groups of students for return from Monday 15th June is below.

All other information for your child(ren) regarding Free School Meals, mental wellbeing, safeguarding, home schooling (including access to online resources) can be found below.

Please see our video demonstrating how we have implemented all social distancing and hygiene measures ready for students and staff to return.

Please read below for all updates

--------------------02 of July 2020 @ 14:30PM--------------------

Year 10 Updated Group List:


--------------------25 of June 2020 @ 19:30PM--------------------

Year 10 Updated Group List:



Pearson lessons live

To watch our lessons live, simply visit our Pearson UK Learning YouTube channel at 11am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

--------------------17 of June 2020 @ 18:30PM--------------------

Staff Students Parents

If you have any symptoms please self-isolate for 7 days and book a test as soon as possible, click the link below to book a test.

--------------------11 of June 2020 @ 12:30PM--------------------

Year 7 Transition Letter 2020

Dear parents of new year 7 pupils,

Some of you may be anxious about your child’s transition to year 7 in September 2020.  Please be assured that the Academy will be in touch shortly via letter and we will be calling each family to introduce ourselves and get to know you better.  At the moment there are no plans to hold any transition events at the Academy.  Please see the uploaded letter for further information.  You will receive a paper copy of the letter in the next few weeks.

Click here to download

--------------------09 of June 2020 @ 3:30PM--------------------

Year 10 Pupil Groups to Return from Monday 15th June


--------------------08 of June 2020 @ 2:00PM--------------------

Definition of Clinically Vulnerable and extremely vulnerable for further information please click on the link below:

--------------------20 of May 2020 @ 11:05AM--------------------

Click below for the whole school letter regarding the continued school closures and

potential opening plans

Please click here for more information 

--------------------19 of May 2020 @ 10:20AM--------------------

Welfare contact calls

We hope that you are all safe and well. We are very keen to ensure that all our students and their families are managing in this unprecedented and for many, very difficult time. There is an expectation from the Local Authority that we speak to all of our students at least fortnightly. As many of our staff are working from home, many of the phone calls you receive may be from a withheld or private number.

Please can you try and answer these calls and if you miss them contact the school on 0121 464 2737 to let us know that you and your children are safe. We can also support with any problems you may be having particularly around accessing work and free school meal vouchers. If any of your contact details have changed please let us know by calling on the number above or emailing us at You can also contact us via our text message service.  Thank you for your continued support.

--------------------18 of May 2020 @ 9:35AM--------------------

Students Eligible for Free School Meals

We are aware that there are still some difficulties with Edenred the Government voucher company and accessing vouchers. We have seen some improvement and they have sent us the attached guidance which helps to solve some common problems. If you are still experiencing difficulties with these vouchers please do not hesitate to contact us at or call the school on 0121 464 2737 between 8.30am and 3.00pm, Monday to Friday and we will assist you as best we can. If you think that you are eligible for Free School Meals, but are not currently receiving them please apply using this link:

18x18AR FSM Voucher Guidance

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

--------------------03 of April 2020 @ 3:35PM--------------------


Please follow the link for the End of Spring Term Newsletter

--------------------23 of March 2020 @ 4:51PM--------------------

Public Examinations:

This year’s summer exam series, including GCSEs, A levels and other qualifications, were cancelled, following the actions to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The exam regulator, Ofqual, and the exam boards will work with teachers to provide grades to students whose exams have been cancelled this summer.  Ofqual will develop and set out a process that will provide a calculated grade to each student which reflects their performance as fairly as possible, and will work with the exam boards to ensure this is consistently applied for all students.

The exam boards will be asking teachers, who know their students well, to submit their judgement about the grade that they believe the student would have received if exams had gone ahead. To produce this, teachers will take into account a range of evidence and data including performance on mock exams and non-exam assessment – clear guidance on how to do this fairly and robustly will be provided to schools and colleges. The exam boards will then combine this information with other relevant data, including prior attainment, and use this information to produce a calculated grade for each student, which will be a best assessment of the work they have put in.

We at Harborne Academy are sorry that it has come to this and it is not ideal, fortunately we conducted a lot of in and out of class assessments and therefore have a lot of current information to hand to support the grades we will be sharing with Ofqual.

The Government’s priority is now to ensure affected students can move on as planned to the next stage of their lives, including going into employment, starting university, college or sixth form courses, or an apprenticeship in the autumn. This means ensuring GCSE, Level 1, 2 and 3 students are awarded a grade which fairly reflects the work that they have put in. There will also be an option to sit an exam early in the next academic year for students who wish to.

More information will be provided in April.

-------------------------------------20 of March 2020 @ 4:30 PM---------------------------------------

Student Eligible for Free School Meals

Following the Government’s announcement that all students in receipt of FSM will receive supermarket vouchers, I can confirm that the Academy has registered for the scheme.  You will receive e-voucher’s directly to the mobile number we hold for you.  You will then be able to select which supermarket you would like to use and the correct vouchers will be sent to you.  These vouchers can be redeemed in store or online.  Please let us know if your mobile phone number has changed using

Just a reminder that if you are struggling with lunches (and are entitled to free school meals) or sanitary products please email

-------------------------------------19 of March 2020 @ 4:30 PM---------------------------------------

Dear parents and carers,

RE: School Closure, Monday 23rd March

I am sure that you are aware that, yesterday evening, the Government took the decision to close schools in England from Monday 23rd March to all students except for children of key workers, children with a social worker or those with an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). We are aware that this is an unusual and worrying time therefore we are intending to set out how the Academy is responding to the government guidance below.

As I’m sure that you appreciate, any provision that we are able to offer is under constant review. If government advice, staffing levels or catering services means that our level of provision has to change, details will be uploaded on the Academy website and you will be sent a text message to inform you of changes. To this end, if you have not been receiving text messages, please email us at with your updated telephone number.

Public Examinations

The Prime Minister announced that public examinations scheduled to take place this May and June are cancelled, but assured students that they will still get the opportunity to get qualifications they need to progress. At the moment, we do not have information from the examination boards about what schools need to do following the cancellation of public examinations. As soon as we receive information regarding this, we will be in contact with Year 11 and Year 13 students and post information on the Academy website. Your children have been given packs of work for English and science and other resources will be uploaded to Show My Homework. If you are unsure about how to access the online resources, please refer to instructions on our website. Please ensure all school resources and mock exam papers are utilised for revision as there is no confirmation regarding the examinations being postponed beyond June. As the Academy is closed until further notice, we anticipate that the prom may need to be postponed although this is subject to change depending on any future Government announcements. We appreciate that this is a really worrying time for our Year 11s and, if you have any concerns, please contact Remy Mal, Rochelle Thomas or Emma Ferris.

Children of key workers

If you have emailed to inform us that you are a key worker, feel unable to leave your child at home unsupervised and are unable to make arrangements for their supervision, a plan is being formulated with regard to what provision we are able to offer. If you are a key worker and would like your child to attend the Academy, but are yet to let us know, please email us at with the email subject ‘key worker’ before 1.00pm Friday 20th March. Please do not be offended if we ask for proof of profession.

Children with EHCPs

Please contact the Academy if your child has an EHCP and you are at all concerned about your child over the coming weeks. Please do not hesitate to contact Matthew Fortune at or use the enquiry email for the attention of the SENDCo.

Free school meals – only relevant for students entitled to a free school lunch

No child should go without while the Academy is closed.  If you are concerned about how you are going to provide lunch for your child during this time please, contact us confidentially at or call 0121 464 2737.

Work for students

In line with the Government’s advice on social distancing, students not attending the Academy should not be out and about. In order to ensure students are still being provided an education during this time resources will be uploaded to Show My Homework on a regular basis. Instructions and help with how to access this can be found on the Academy website by following the link on the home page pop-up and scrolling down. If your child is unable to access online resources, please contact the Academy and we will post work home.

Student wellbeing

The impact of self-isolation on mental well-being has been widely covered in the media. Where practical, students should exercise from home and do all they can to look after their mental health. Advice and resources regarding this will be posted on the Academy website. The school safeguarding team will maintain responsibility for any students who require support and will remain in regular contact with these students during the period of closure. If you have a concern about the safety or well-being of a child, please us at Alternatively contact the Children’s Advice and Support Service (CASS) on 0121-303 1888.

Please remember that, in order to protect the students, staff and wider community, anyone presenting symptoms of a high temperature or a new persistent cough should not attend and self-isolate. Anyone in a household of a person presenting symptoms should also self-isolate for fourteen days.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented and difficult times and wish you and your family well. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Ross                                 18x18AR Click here for a pdf version of this letter 

Deputy Head Teacher

--------------------------------------18 of March 2020 @ 2:47 PM-----------------------------------------

Resources for students who are not in the Academy will be placed on Show My Homework. There are also links to resources on the school website. Follow the link below for more information.

Accessing Digital Resources from Home - Click Here



Dear Parents/Carers,

We have made the decision to open the Academy for Years 7 and 11 only until further notice. A number of families, students and staff are self-isolating because they are in the vulnerable categories and are following government advice. We wish to continue delivering an education on site for as long as possible, therefore we are asking Years 8, 9 and 10 to work from home. Staff have provided students with packs of work and will be uploading resources to the subject areas of the website, Show My Homework and GCSEPod. We would ask you to kindly ensure this work is being accessed and completed. The Academy website, Facebook and Twitter will be updated on a daily basis with further information. Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times.

Harborne Academy Senior Leadership Team


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